Tuesday, January 8, 2008

High Ho High Ho It's Off to Work I Go...

Beginning on January 21 I will officially be a working Mom! Yikes... the thought still makes me weak in the knees, but I have to believe that this is for the best for our family. I'll be working as the Marketing Coordinator for Lutheran Hospital- a Cleveland Clinic hospital in Cleveland. If it weren't for Bryce I'd be estatic about the opportunity.

Fortunately, Brett will be able to watch our little guy for at least one or two days, sometimes more, each week. The remainder of the workdays the baby will be with an in-home daycare sitter... still to be determined.

To date this has been the most difficult decision of my life. I just hope that with time it will become easier to be away from my love and for him to be away from his mama. We are very close and I'm super concerned with how he will adjust to this very big change. I know I'll be in tears over it!!!

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