Saturday, January 5, 2008

Spread GreenDimes

Junk mail... love it or leave it? OK, so I will admit that I LOVE getting snail mail. When it comes to retrieving the mail each day I'm so like a little kid . Always hoping that I'll get a new issue of a magazine or catalog with shiny, bright and freshly-pressed pages just waiting for me to earmark! I even enjoy flipping through the junk ads and val-u-pak coupons. But, seriously- WHAT A WASTE!!! The American culture has recently made green living fashionable. Let's make changes in our day to day living in small ways, like recycling, reusing shopping bags and water bottles and stopping junk mail!

GreenDimes is cool concept, so check it out... they stop up to 90% of junk mail and plant trees! I plan to sign-up our household this week. I'm sure I'll have less pleasure in opening the mailbox, but hopefully, if we all take small steps to a more earth-friendly lifestyle, many generations to come will find pleasure in our one and only earth! :)

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