Sunday, February 17, 2008

Small pleasures...

I've been wanting a new bra for quite some time now. I have two favorite (nursing) sport bras from Target that I love. They are oh-so-comfy, and inexpensive too. The one thing I hate spending a lot of money on is underwear, particularly braziers! Anyways, a few weeks I went looking for a new one at Target only to find out that the nursing bras, along with some others, had burned in a recent fire and inventory had not yet come in. Talk about giving a new meaning to bra burnings!!!

If you are/were a nursing mom you surely understand that your hooter holders can take quite a beating from little nurslings. Just the other day while nursing, Bryce was pulling and stretching out one side of my bra like crazy. It drove me nuts, but I let him continue- so I guess that's my own fault. I just hate stopping him from exploring this great big, beautiful world, including my bra!

Well today, after much procrastinating, I found a lovely new bra. And surprisingly enough, it is actually nice looking! Black with a bit of lace. What a small pleasure! I truly cannot wait to wear it tomorrow. Just wanted to share my joy!

What are some small pleasures in your life?

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