Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday FunDay!

Since it is Monday, although just barely while I type at 2:00 a.m. ... I'm joining in on Ann Kroeker's Monday FunDay blog carnival. Since Mondays so often brings meloncoly spirits and sour attitudes due to the start of once again-- another work week-- here is my contibution to Monday FunDay! I too need a reminder that Monday can and should be FunDays.

With an eight month old in the house, every day is a FunDay around here! Here is a quick rundown of our current favorite "fun" moments:
  • B practicing his quasi-crawling skills.
  • Singing to our favorite songs!!! Old MacDonald, The Walk and Stop Song, Row, row, row your boat, and many more.
  • Reconnecting while nursing after hours away from one another :) We love it!
  • Trying new and exciting foods.
  • Giggling hysterically while watching the dogs chase one another around and around and around.
  • The thrill of the cool winter breeze hitting B's face.
  • Flying time with papa!
  • Sleep.

While at work today I hope to remind myself of all of the WONDERUL and fun things that I have to look forward to at the end of a long day. My two most fun people are my Bs!

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1 comment:

Ann Kroeker said...

I loved reading your fun ideas, from beginning to end (including sleep!). You sound like you've got a built-in Fun-Meister to make sure you smile, sing, giggle, get outside, roll on the floor, and then enjoy a well-earned rest.

Thanks for reminding us to embrace the fun that our children automatically offer--and embrace the children themselves, as well, for a fun day any day!

Thanks for joining in the Monday FunDay Carnival! Hope today is packed as full of fun as your post suggests.