Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pumping... What a Drain!

Since heading back to work full-time, nearly two months ago, I've been pumping while away from my little man. I'm sure many working nursing mamas can empathize with my love-hate relationship with my pump. Some days my pump is my friend and other days my foe. One thing is for sure... there is nothing in the world that can replace nursing your baby! (visualize: bottom lip pout)

My pumping history... Prior to working I did pump, but it was maybe once a day or less! I was simply pumping to either relieve myself and/or to stockpile for a night out or for the inevitable-- returning to work.

I currently express twice a day while at work to keep up my milk supply, and to ensure that I have enough breastmilk to feed Bryce. I am lucky enough to have a janitor’s closet, I mean lactation room for privacy. No really, it is a great little room and I am SO THANKFUL to have it! My employer is extremely supportive of breastfeeding.

Despite an encouraging supervisor, private room, and awesome
Medela PIS Advanced Breastpump Backpack I find pumping to be a real drain pain! Dragging the pump to and from work each day, carefully doing an inventory each morning to make sure I don't forget a hooter horn, a membrane or a tube, and anxiously watching the clock during each session can really cut the heartstrings associated with nursing/pumping. If you think about it, how sad is it to express milk for your baby who you can't be with? I try really hard not to dwell on the fact that I'm not with my lovey.

Half full thinking helps me focus on the fact that I am still producing life-sustaining liquid gold for my baby. Also, because I now have considerably less time with Bryce I really cherish every minute with him (even more than before).

While finding and taking the time to pump each day is a drain, I'm thankful that I have the opportunity to do so!

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