Tuesday, April 8, 2008

An Opportunity to Spread the Breastfeeding Gospel

Today and for the next couple days I am attending some FEMA training and, therefore, working from a remote location. The last time I was at this particular location for a workshop the staff allowed me to pump in the conference room. This morning I reintroduced myself to the receptionist and reminded her of our last encounter a few months ago. Unfortunately today the private, and more importantly not-a-bathroom-conference-room was booked all day. She did however let me pump in a cubicle on the other side of her desk. While not an entirely private location, I was so thankful for a spot with an electrical outlet and chair to do my "duty." I was also glad I had a sweater so I could express more discretely. It's one thing to bare your breast while nursing a baby... it's an entirely different scenario to expose yourself while pumping. Yikes!

I thanked her for the accommodations and told her how grateful I was to not have to make my baby's food in a dirty bathroom. After my mid-morning milking session, the reception started asking me about breastfeeding, how I store my milk, whether or not I breastfeed or just pump and offer a bottle, and how long I plan to breastfeed. It was obvious that if she does have children she did not nurse them. That said- I was so glad to have been able to give her some basic knowledge about nursing, including the benefits for baby and mom. I really look at every opportunity that I have to talk about breastfeeding as a chance to educate and normalize breastfeeding. My goal is not to force my beliefs on any one, although I do believe that breast is best.

If you're a breastfeeding mama or papa don't be ashamed! Spread the word that breast is best! :)

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Marketing Mama said...

I'm still amazed how many times people offer the bathroom as a suitable pumping place. Just today I was looking for a place to pump. The woman helping me asked how long it would take. When I said 15 minutes, she replied that was way too long to tie up the bathroom - in case someone else needed to use it!

I explained to her that 'they recommend' not using bathrooms anyways because of all the germs - that there's nowhere sanitary to set anything down.

I try not to be offended, but to use it as an opportunity to educate!!! Glad you found a place, I wouldn't have had the moxy to pump in a cube where someone could have walked in!