Saturday, September 20, 2008

I HEART Baby/Kids Resales!

If you're familiar with kids resales, typically sponsored by and funds raised for local PTAs and church groups, then you understand the almost "cult-like" following that they can have. At least the really good resales have this. I would not put myself in the category- at least not yet, but I would consider myself to be a resale-groupie! While pregnant I was introduced to my first kids resales- two in one morning with my mom and my aunt. That morning I spent a whopping 25 cents on "Feed me I'm yours."

Since that first experience I have learned a few things about baby/kids resales and here are some suggestions...
  1. Check the status of your current clothing and toy inventory. I'd rather spend my money on something that we need or don't have rather than duplicate items.

  2. Make a list mentally or on paper before attending the resale. Ask yourself: What do I need for the coming season (clothing, shoes, toys, etc)? What size will s/he be needing in the next 6 months?

  3. Think about some larger ticket items that perhaps you might want or think would be a welcome addition, but wouldn't normally buy... jogging stroller, kids picnic table, chalkboard, etc. If you're a good treasure hunter and if you're lucky, you can often times find great items! So if you're mentally prepared to look for those items on your wish list you may have a better chance at being successful!

  4. Talk to other mamas to find out which baby resales are the cream of the crop. Believe me there are some duds out there-- I've been to a few! By asking friends and family which locations are the best you'll save yourself time, money and frustration!
  5. Enjoy the hunt! Yes, you'll find lots of things that do not meet your standard of quality, taste, size-needs-- and the list goes on. But, you'll also find those diamonds in the rough that make it all worthwhile.
  6. Two words: Mommy time! It's a fun time out with other mamas- friends and new faces! So grab a cup of Joe and your best girl friend or mom and head to kids resale nearest you!

Babies are generally clean and grow so quickly. Often times not giving the opportunity to "wear things out," which is why many mamas (and papas) shop resales. If you find good quality, gently used items no one will notice the difference. For instance, Bryce wore his new G*ap overalls (shown below) this past week to the sitter and she comment how cute he looked in them. I told her I paid $3 for them and she was shocked, commenting "They look brand new!" Remember that most kids resales have an admission fee, typically $5 for early birds (that's me!) during the first hour and $2 following. This is all the more reason to choose your resales wisely.

Here are the things I bought last weekend for a total of $37.50:

G*ap jean overalls $3
Firetruck rain jacket $3
Two G*erber basic oneises .50
Child*ren's Place sweater $3
G*ap snowman sweater $3
G*ap rugby polo $2
Striped full-zip shirt $2
Tal*bots Kids red winter turtleneck $2
G*ap white winter turtleneck (not shown) $2
Melis*a & Doug stackable wooden animal pull-along $5 (retails for $15)
Chic*co Bilingual Smart Driver $3 (retails for $29.99)
Duck costume (not shown... Halloween surprise!) $7

B-man loves "driving" with me in the car.

How cute are these animals?!!

Check out the following links for upcoming resales in Northeastern Ohio:

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