Friday, February 5, 2010

23 days and counting till the Hustle...

Sneakers- check  
Favorite workout pants- check  
Mp3 player with Fergi's tunes- check

"Mama, going step'n?," B asks me. 

"Yes honey.  I'll be home soon," I reply.

Off I go to the tallest accessible building my hometown-- a whopping 9 stories high!
Up I go and back down... and repeat until I reach 54 flights, up and down again.

I'm training to participate in Hustle Up the Hancock 2010 in Chicago on February 28.  The full climb is 94 flights.  Since at the time of the climb I will have had a baby just 4 months prior, I decided that the half climb of 52 flights would be plenty.  I don't know about you, but I definitely take my ability to breathe for granted. Rarely thinking twice about the oxygen that fills my lungs and sustains my life. Yet, millions of Americans suffer each year from lung disease and cancer, and a variety of other respiratory challenges.

I'll be participating in the half climb in honor and memory of Ruth Sheldon. A dear friend of my Mom who passed away from lung cancer. Ruth's zest for life and spunky attitude was contagious! I'm looking forward to chaneling Ruth's engery as I make this climb.

Reasons for climbing the Hancock:

  • I wanted to get back into shape post-baby

  • I needed a challenge

  • Ruth, a great person to honor through the event

Not me pictured below, but I do wish I had a tan like this chica!
All donations will support the mission of Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago to promote healthy lungs and fight lung disease through research, advocacy and education.

Tomorrow morning I'll be racing in a local climb, Tackle the Tower in Cleveland-- 37 flights.  Just hoping to beat my time from last year.  Thankfully the major snow storm is mainly south of us. 

More stair climbing details to come...

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