Monday, March 29, 2010

Mad About Mama Milk Monday

When you are breastfeeding signs of such are everywhere. I love it. More importantly, I love nurturing and providing awesome nutrients to my child!

This time is so fleeting... trying to savor every moment.

(See above)
Exhibit A: A happy healthy and chunky baby.

Exhibit B: I heart Picasso (a gift from Brett a couple years ago)... this is in our guest bathroom and it is always a source of conversation, and smart-aleck comments from Brett's friends.

Exhibit C: Horns and such out to dry.

Exhibit D: L enjoying a snack.

Exhibit E: L playing (OK, all babies do this of course).

Exhibit F: Frozen milk. Ironically, in this photo are two cartons of frozen yogurt that are off limits, at this time, since I've been dairy-free since mid-December because L gets a little crazy when I consume dairy. Have no fear, I've replaced my love of frozen yogurt for peanut butter. (Not good!)

Exhibit G: Silk! Vanilla Soy Milk... love it!

Exhibit H: The Center for Breastfeeding's latest education guide.  Some day, perhaps, I'll become an IBCLC. Google it.  (Isn't it crazy that Google is now a verb?!!?)

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