Monday, April 26, 2010

Mad About Mama Milk Monday: Pumping

Don't let pumping become a four letter word!  Sure there is no way pumping can even compare to nursing your sweet child in your arms.  But, at times it is neccessary to do so in order to provide the most nutritious food while you're away.  So get educated and equip yourself with the know-how to make pumping a breeze... or should I say squeeze?!?

I remember with B when I wanted to start storing milk for the future.  At the time I was a stay-at-home mama looking for a job, and I wanted to be prepared with plenty of milk for him once I found a job.  I wasn't even sure how to use the darn thing, and what all the strange looking parts were truly for.  Thankfully my girlfriend Helen, nursing mama of twins, gave me a quick how-to guide. 

Once I started back to work, when B was 7-months-old, I quickly realized the importance in having:
  • A good milk supply (always THANKFUL for mine, which was ESPECIALLY GREAT with B)
  • An efficient pump
  • And, a supportive employer
I recently came across Work & Pump's concise and complete list of practical and simple ways to pump better.  Whether you're a working mama, a mama who likes to go out on the town with her husband every so often, or a mama who simply wants to pump and donate to a milk bank, you'll want to check it out. 

Don't let this discourage you... but, no pump can empty the breast as well as a nursing child.  If anything let this be an encouragement to nurse your baby as often as possible-- day or night.  As a working mama, I know how frustrating it can be when you need to pump x amount of milk in order to keep up with the amount baby is eating while you're away.  However, don't stress about it.  Stress can affect pumping output.  Check out Kelly Mom on establishing and maintaining milk supply when baby is not nursing and what to do when you're not pumping enough.

Happy Breastfeeding and Pumping Mamas!

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