Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Good golly! It's been FOR.EV.ER. since I last blogged! The crazy thing is-- life hasn't really changed all that much.  Things are still super busy juggling life as a fire wife with 2 kiddos, 1 mini dachshund and a part-time job. L and I are still nursing, and B is still a handful.

Lately I've been pondering a change. I'm not entirely sure what, where or when it will be. There's 3 things you can be sure of:  taxes, death and CHANGE. And aren't each of those good? Taxes go toward the building of society, governemt and your community-- hopefully used in good stewardship, creative planning and with the betterment of all in mind. Death means, for those who follow Christ, the fulfilment of faith, hope and love in the flesh through God the Father. And Change, hopefully means transforming- even when painful- into a better version of the previous state.  So we shall see, we shall see.  Right now I'm just trying to enjoy this stage of life, because it is flying by so quickly!

Hold on... cause change is a comin'!

This... I don't ever want to change! Me & L in the Moby.

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