Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Squeaky Clean!

From last night's bath... little did we know at the time that just a few hours later the B man would be up screaming bloody murder for over an hour. ***teething*** Inconsolable... not a sucker, not an ice cube, nor a cold washcloth, and not even nursing would calm this sweet thing down. Finally around midnight I decided to try the car. He fell asleep... I only got four hours of sleep. And the sleep I did get was spent on the floor of the living room with the door to the garage cracked so I could hear B when he woke from his slumber in the car. *humph* Hoping for a better night tonight! :)


Marketing Mama said...

What a cute picture! Have I told you my best teething product advice?

a) Hylands teething tablets (found at many drug stores - I get them at Walgreens). These things are magic.

b) amber teething necklaces (just search etsy.com for more info)

c) infant motrin/tylenol. If they are having a tough time, I dole it out. Have you tried it?

Hoping it's better in your house tonight! :)

Stacey said...

Hey Katie! How's the teething going? Hang in there... it is a season that will pass :) Your little guy is just too cute! Hope you all are doing well. Take care! Please tell your Mom we said hello!