Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hey Shorty It's Your Birthday, We're Gonna Party Like It's Your Birthday!

Wrapped around Papa's finger from day one... 7 lbs 5 ozs

Our first family photo (I'm a little tired... can you tell?)

Today is my baby’s first birthday! I have an entirely different perspective of birthdays today. Maybe it’s because today is his first birthday, or perhaps it’s because since he was born the whole world seems like a different place… more important, more significant. Either way today is a day to celebrate his creation, birth and life! Obviously I am one proud Mama.

When I went into his room this morning, Bryce was standing in his crib talking to the window of course. I sang him “Happy Birthday” as he jumped on the mini-mattress and we hugged. He was SO happy this morning as if he knew it was his day.

It has been a year of great joy, some sorrow, lots of giggles, a few tears (OK, a lot of tears), lots of milk, not-so-much milk, growing pains for Mama and Papa, teething pains for Bryce (and at times for Mama!), thankful hearts, songs of praise, sleepless nights, sleep-through-the-night nights, and much much more.

I’m so looking forward to our years ahead. My hope and prayer is that Brett and I can help mold Bryce into young man of God, with respect for himself and others, and boundless energy and love to offer to the world.

Happy Birthday Baby!

On my way to Miss Sandy's.

Birthday kisses from Mama

Whew... birthday boys put in some long hours!

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