Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sooner than I had hoped...

Sometime around B's second birthday I began thinking about all of the upcoming toddler "milestones"-- increased verbal communication, potty training, transition from a crib to bed, etc. Milestones are times of growth, development, and greater independence, reminding us that our kids are growing up. B likes to remind us of this nearly daily by saying, "B's growin up Mama"-- makes my heart melt.
One "milestone" I hoped would not ever come- OK, not ever, but at least not until he turned four- was B climbing out of his crib! We were doing so great too. Starting about a week ago every time I'd go in to get him out of the crib I'd find him straddling the side rail. Well tonight was the night... he escaped!

Often times when I put the kids to bed on my own L is ready before B. So we gather some of B's faves--Morris the Brontosaurus, spider book, big and little monkey, and Snuggle Bear, just to name a few-- to join him for a little play time in his crib while I nurse L. Anyways, tonight B achieved great independence through escaping from his crib. I walked into his room from putting L to sleep and there he stood-- outside of the crib! And no doubt he also felt great pride. I was so surprised and had to put my hand over my mouth to hide my smile. Yes, I too was tickled by his achievement. Not sure how long we'll wait to transition into a toddler or twin size bed.

Parenthood... just as you get comfortable things change.

And I say with great joy "Bring it on!"

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