Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Child like...

God called his children of all ages to have child like faith.  In Mark 10:13-16, we read that parents brought their children to Jesus to be blessed by Him.  The disciples quickly dismiss them and tell them not to bother Christ.  Jesus replied, "Let the children come to me.  Don't stop them!  For the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these.  I assure you anyone who doesn't have their kind of faith will never get into the Kingdom of God."  And then Jesus blessed them.

The type of faith Christ spoke of is simple, trusts, believes, and loves.  I know this is something I struggle with at times.  And how sweet it is when we actually surrender to child like faith!

This past Sunday was Baptism Sunday, a precious time when Believers in Christ publicly proclaim their faith in Jesus.  Baptism is an outward sign of commitment that is to be done following an inward change of attitude and life.  A seven-year-old girl was Baptized on Sunday and before doing so the Pastor asked her a few questions such as, "Who taught you about Jesus?" and "How did you decide to put your faith in Jesus?".  She answered the last question simply and matter-of-fact-- "I believed!"  No question in her mind, no hesitation.  Simply and wonderfully, "I believed!"  Her child like faith struck a cord with me as I watched her be submerged under water and Baptized. 

I sat there in self-reflection... Why do I have to, so often, complicate things, life, faith in God?  Life is good, and it should be simple too.  And God desires for us to approach faith in this fashion.  Did He promise that life would be with out challenges, temptation or trial?  No.  But He did call us to walk by faith and have child like faith.  Even when times are challenging-- job loss, relational struggles, financial hardship, temptations-- we're called to carry on in Him. 

Again tonight as I put B to bed I was reminded of the simplicity and tenderness of childrens' faith.  As I bounced L to sleep in my arms and B and I held hands and prayed, we lifted up our family (Daddy, Mama, B, L, Grammy and Grandma) and our extended family (Yucky-Mom's cat Lucky, Bru and Oscar).  We finished praying and I left the room.  As I put L to bed I could hear B praying... "Max's Mama's foot" (my girlfriend Kelly recently broke her foot), "Brutus not to poop downstairs" (our dog has control issues-- child like bladder and bowel control), and "Daddy help'n sick people." 

So sweet, so tender, so sincere, and SO what I needed to hear tonight. 

I'm reminded time and time again of the importance in having child like faith.  I'll never fully understand God's mysteries, or how exactly the puzzle of life fits together and that's OK.  It is enough, for me, to simply trust and confidently believe in the power of Christ's love and forgiveness.

Sweet dreams.

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