Monday, February 22, 2010

Mad About Mama Milk Monday: Brooklyn's Breast Whisperer

Apparently if you're a Brooklyn resident who is pregnant or a new nursing mama odds are you've heard the name Freda Rosenfeld.  Rosenfeld, a lactation consultant, has helped thousands of women and babies nurse successfully.  Her passion for successful lactation is followed by two rules "Rule 1, enjoy the baby. Rule 2, feed the baby."  

A recent article in the NY Times revealed the background, training and techniques of Rosenfeld.  She appears to have quite the following of wanna-be breastfeeding and current milking mamas in the greater NYC area.

The article is well written with a positive and realistic focus on breastfeeding.  I just want to share some highlights of the article...

Ms. Rosenfeld is part medical professional, part therapist and part sleuth; a hand-holder, tongue-coaxer, savior of sore nipples.  
 “I get paid to be neurotic and hold babies,” she said. “Who could ask for more?”  
“If you’re going to be sitting there and not enjoying nursing because you’re counting and you’re this-ing and you’re that-ing, then what have I given you?” Ms. Rosenfeld asked. “I may have given him breast milk, but I haven’t given you an awesome breast-feeding experience, and that’s what I’m here to do.”
To me, the following speaks volumes about Rosenfeld's heart and true drive to do what she does. I love it!
... Ms. Rosenfeld took a job after graduating from Brooklyn College at a nutrition center for low-income women, where her devotion to breast-feeding began. “To me, the breast-feeding was not just about better health for the baby, it was about these young girls realizing their baby is important,” she said. “I had 14-year-olds, and here was my opportunity not just to make these babies healthier but to make these mothers caring parents.”   

Yes... Rosenfeld gets it, she cares and that is why she is successful as a lactation consultant!

I've been blessed to have two fabulous IBCLCs (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) to teach, guide and love me and my babies.  If you are a nursing mama in need of assistance, support, or guidance I highly suggest you find two things: An IBCLC to offer aid, and a supportive spouse, friend or mom to hold your hand along the way.

Breast wishes!

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