Monday, March 8, 2010

Mad About Mama Milk Monday: No baby, no pump, lots 'o milk!

So today I found myself at work (just for a half day- Praise the Lord), with obviously no L, and unfortunately without the "hoses" to my breast pump.  Oh the pressure, pain, discomfort and irritation that I had all of the neccessary parts-- except for the "hoses." 

In that past when I've forgotten to pack away all of the pieces and parts, I've been lucky that my darling do-gooder husband has been able to save the day by delievering the much-needed "horns" or membranes or bottles in a timely fashion. 

Well today was the day...

He was working, and I was in need!

In need of getting milk out-- pronto.

Muy pronto.

As a working mama, getting milk out is not the only goal.  The ultimate goal is to express and STORE milk for future bottles while I'm away. 

But today,  I just needed it out.

So, manual expression was in order. 

I'm not very good at it because I haven't needed to have much experience. 

I'll spare you the remainder of the details.  Just know that some relief was provided.  And tonight I was especially glad to get home to my hungry baby.

For those of you who, like me, need a little refresher course on how to properly express breastmilk manually during the unfortunate moments when there's no baby, no pump and lots 'o milk be sure to check out the links below. 

Happy milking, mamas!

Dr. Sears- hand expressing milk

An explanation of breast anatomy and how it aides in the manual process (We were created so awesomely- is that a word?)

Le Leche League Discussion on the subject

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Jennylou's Projects said...

Oh no! When I went to do my WIC Peer training, one of my white membranes was missing (I later found it in the sink). I had to hand express as well. And yes, I rushed right home to baby. :)