Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hustle Up the Hancock '10

About this time last year I decided I was going to participate in Hustle Up the Hancock 2010.  The Hustle includes two stair climbs up the John Hancock building in Chicago.  The full climb is 94 flights, and the half is 52 flights.  When registering to compete I decided to do the half seeing as L would be just 4-months-old at the time of the climb. 

Just after Christmas I started really training.  Making sure I did actual stair climbing twice a week and other forms of cardio two additional days.  Squeezing in workouts is super challenging for me with two kiddos and our unconventional work schedules. 

For the final month of training I was averaging 52 flights twice a week of real climbing.  I only had access to a 9-story-building in my hometown, so up and down I'd go about 6 times depending on my mood and energy level (little sleep with an infant!).  Fergie's My Humps and Gwen's Wind It Up were great motivation for me as I made my training climbs.

Not knowing exactly how I'd do or feel on race day, I set my personal goal to be under 12 minutes.  Truly though, I just wanted to finish the 52-floor-climb. 

Brett, L and I traveled to Chicago for the weekend... and, on race day I joined 4,100 other full and half climbers!  Luckily, I was assigned to the 8:30am group-- each person starting 8 seconds after another.  While waiting in line for my turn to go I enjoyed chatting with those around me.  We shared our "training" strategies (or lack there of), nerves and reasons for making the climb.  The time was coming for me to GO-- 
mp3 player- check         bib #- check                        D tag (tracks race time on your shoe)- check        
excitement- check         nervous energy- check         determination- check 

Throughout the climb, I felt good.  My legs felt great actually.  My lungs burned toward the end.  I was in a zone and didn't give much thought to what floor I was on.  Just kept climbing 2-3 steps at a time.  It went by much quicker than I thought it would.  And I finished my 52-floor-climb in 9:19.  So happy with my time, and with how great my body felt afterwards. 

I'm hoping to participate again next year.  But I think I'll challenge myself even further with ::gasp:: the full climb!  Hoping Brett will do it with me! 

Reasons for doing the Hustle:
Personal results from the Hustle:
  • Myself, family and friends helped to raise $500 for Lung and Respiratory Health Research, Education and Advocacy... fabulous!
  • Ruth would have been happy
  • I'm feeling good with how strong I am... always room for improvement though
  • Challenged?  You betcha!

Brett and me keeping warm in the Windy City.

L sleeping in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of the Hustle. 

Me just before the climb-- nervous!

YAY... I made it! 
Happily reunited with L- a future stair climber. She's got great thighs for climbing!
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During the climb photos here.

Wanna Hustle in 2011?

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