Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Squirting Offense

The context of this "offense" is not a laughing matter.  Yet, lets take a quick moment to visualize an inmate squirting a jailer with her breast milk!  It definitely makes me laugh.  I do hope, for a variety of reasons, that the offender is able to get out of jail in a timely manner to feed her baby.

See an article on the subject here

Let this be a lesson... do not squirt your breast milk at anyone but your baby and maybe your dog. 


Jennylou's Projects said...

You can also maybe squirt your husband. It's fun to see the look of shock on their face when they get hit from across the room. It's sort of a cross between shock, awe and respect because it's way more cool than anything they can do with their bodies. :lol:

Mama Kate said...

You're so right Jen! We've got crazy bf skills! WAY more amazing than anything a guy can do. :)