Sunday, May 9, 2010


So today is the day.  The day set aside to remember, honor and celebrate motherhood.  And really, where would we be without our M-O-M?  For me, once I become a Mama I began to understand the love of a parent.  Once I had L I really understood- I got it.  Motherhood, to me, represents an all-encompassing love.  A sacrificial-I'd-do-anything-for-you kind of love.  When you love someone with your entire being it makes you want to be a better person, a kinder, patient and more gentle person.  Even still, with the desire to be better and do better... gosh it is hard! 

Personally I think I put even more pressure on myself because I truly long to be a good example to my kids.  As parents, we're the foundation of all they learn, know, and value.  I certainly don't want to screw that up!  Thankfully we're teaching our kiddos that their entire existance is because of God and that through Christ we can be made new.  Teaching my kids about Christ's sacrifice, unceasing love (way more than I even love them, which seems entirely unfathomable) and forgiveness takes (some) pressure off of me.  I'm not perfect, and as B&L get older I know they'll be the first to remind me!  :-) 

Daily I'm reminded that if I want my kids to be loving, kind, patient, slow to anger, and compassionate... I need to set the example.  As a Mama I find myself, more now than ever, seeking help from God for extra doses of strength, patience, love and compassion to get me through the day.

Mother's Day is no different from any other day.  Today there was a melting pot of activities and emotions- good and bad.  B had a stellar performance at church!  During service the pastor's wife came and got me because B had an accident.  Off I went to perform my motherly duty of cleaning and changing.  We had a delish lunch with our Moms at Panera.  And on the way home we pulled over so B could poop in our porta-potty, which left a rather pungent smell for the remainder of the trip.  Nap time, play time, dinner made by yours truly (just had to add that), followed by a walk with the kiddos and a cookie... life is good.  Throw in a few tantrums, some tears, lots of hugs and kisses and the day was complete. 

Completely great.  Completely not perfect.  Complete.  Because I got to celebrate and reflect on motherhood... the good, the bad and the ugly.  

Hope you had a fabulous Mama's Day too!

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