Monday, May 3, 2010

Mad About Mama Milk Monday: Ready, Set, Go!

L recently started solids.  Her first food... oatmeal. 
Seems fitting since everyone in our family is obsessed with all things oat related!

Seriously though... I'm a total slacker when it comes to offering solids.  At least at this young age and stage.  It's WAY easier to just offer breast milk.  And, babies should still be receiving the majority of their nutrients from breast milk anyways!  Whew... Oh by the way-- it's important to offer breast milk first, then food to keep your supply up and ensure that baby fills up on liquid gold. 

It is a milestone when babies begin eating solid foods!  Nevertheless, it's not a milestone to rush into.  Our family believes in delaying solids until at least 6 months of age because of a variety of reasons.  Check out when B-man started solids.
Delaying solids...

  • Breast milk during the first 6 months of life is crucial; giving him the healthiest start with optimal nutrients.
  • Makes starting solids easier.  Babies who start solids later are less likely to have food allergies. 
  • Until Baby has good head, neck and core control helps to increase safety while eating. 
  • Takes advantage of natural child-spacing.  Preventing pregnancy is most effective when babies are fed exclusively at the breast.
Looking for tasty recipes to offer baby?  Check out Wholesome Baby Food. They have great tips for starting solids, and a variety of yummy healthy options to offer your baby!

Want to read further on the importance in healthy, colorful foods?  Check it.

Happy Nursing Mamas!

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