Friday, June 4, 2010


HAPPY 6th Birthday to Oscar!  Oh how I miss you buddy.


Oscar was our very first "baby."  He was oh so precious to us.  Then the kids came... still precious, but I just didn't have as much tolerance for his shenanigans and barking. 

If you're wondering what happened to Oscar.  Well, he bit Bryce around Thanksgiving last year (09).  That was it we had to get rid of him.  If you know my background of being attacked by a dog as a little girl you understand.  Oscar now lives with one of Brett's co-workers from the hospital.  He fits right into their family (no young children- perfect) and is doing just great.  Brett and I miss him terribly. 
And I know our other dog, Brutus does as well. 

Below are some photos of Osc during his younger years.  Enjoy!

This shark costume would make me and Brett laugh SO hard.  Really, it was hillarious.  As soon as we Osc was in full shark-attack garb he wouldfreeze as if he were a statue.  Only his eyes would move back and forth, from side to side.  Ha. 

 Me and lil Osc... our first summer of marriage and our first summer with Oscar. 
Osc checking out the neighborhood from the front porch. 

 You are missed Oscar.  Cheers to you Oscki Pooski!

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