Saturday, January 22, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside... And?!

Um, we live in northern O-H-I-O and cold weather is nothing out of the ordinary. It's also not out of the ordinary for winter to last 5 months; November through April. Every year I fluctuate between loving and hating the snow and seemingly never ending cold temps. I love playing outside with the kids. Although I should preface that... I really really really enjoy running in the snow pulling the kiddos in the sleds or chasing them through the snow. I do not enjoy making snowballs or snowmen. I know... I can't believe I admitted that as a mama of two young kids! I should love the romance of building a snowman, but really it seems as though the snow conditions are never exactly right. The snow is either too fluffy or too icy-- like my technical meteorology lingo?! Ha.

Well snow or no snow, right now it's just plan FRIGID! With temps in the single digits and windchill in the negatives playtime is inside- no exceptions. I fear that soon cabin fever will set in! Regardless of the temps outside, we've all got sillies, crazies and jiggles that need to GET out. Our top 10 ways to play inside at home include:
  1. Spinning:  B's version of dancing
  2. Dancing
  3. Jumping
  4. Puzzles
  5. Fire Calls: we're a fire family so fire trucks, firefighting, building stations and going out on fire calls are a big part of our daily lives.  oh and the kids' sirens... wowza. one word: LOUD.
  6. Baby rocking: L is such a lil Mama, which REALLY really really warms my heart!
  7. Story time
  8. Hide & Seek: B loves telling us where to hide and even then he gets scared everytime.  What a hoot!
  9. Baking/cooking together: B is a great helper in the kitchen!
  10. Starring out the window with our cheeks up against the pane while longing for spring, it's warmer temps, brighter rays of sunshine, peeking flowers and chirping birds... soon, soon enough.
How do you and your family keep active or entertained indoors, especially during the bitterly cold winter months?! 

Happy weekend & stay warm!


Autumn said...

We play boardgames (I nurse, the two-year old on my team, the 6-year old chooses the game); we pile a bunch of books in the living room, snuggle together and read; popcorn and movies; lots of coloring and special crafts; and when all else fails, we nap! :)

Jennylou's Projects said...

We love going to Carlisle Reservation with their indoor play area. And sometimes we go to the mall - although, Midway is rather lacking, so if we go, we usually go to Great Northern (Starbuck's is right next to the play area - someone did their homework on that placement!). And, we like the Elyria Public Library inside of the Bass Building at LCCC - they have a kids room (yes room!) with big soft blocks the kids can build with and climb on.

I prefer snow angels to snow men myself. ;)