Monday, January 24, 2011

Mad About Mama Milk Monday: National Compliment Day

Did you know today is National Compliment Day?! That's right.  So whether or not we need a special day set aside to compliment others; the day does encourage us to be mindful about offering compliments to those around us.  Being kind and sharing good cheer is something that I'd like to think comes naturally to everyone, but now we know that's not true.  But each of us can intentionally share kind words: compliments and encouragements to those around us.  Everyone from the mailman to our kids, co-workers to your spouse and everyone in between.

Here are my top 5 ways you can encourage a nursing mama with compliments:
    5.  Nice latch; you must be a great teacher!
    4.  Love the color of your nursing bra! Where'd you find it?
    3.  Your dedication to making breastfeeding work has really paid off. Kudos to you!
    2From a spouse or family member, Thanks for being so giving of yourself, so that ____ (my grandchild or our son) can have the best start at life.
    1.  I'm impressed by your ability to nurse your baby in a sling, while loading the dishwasher and taking a conference call.  What talent!

The best compliment and encouragement has come from my hubs, especially during the first few weeks of nursing each of our kids.  I can't recall one specific compliment, but his support has been unceasing.  He truly rocks my world!  Thank you honey for being the best male lactivist I know.  Without your support, I never could have made it as long as I have! (19 months with B, and 15 months and counting with L!)

I'd love to hear what compliment(s) have encouraged you along your nursing journey so that I can continue the compliment chain with others!  Please share...

Happy Milking Mamas!

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