Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Waaa, Waaa, WAAA!

Every future firefighter has to start somewhere... 

We got a new ottoman yesterday and it's shipping box quickly turned into our very own fire truck!  If you use your imagination you can practically hear B's siren blaring through the family room.  Earplugs... I need earplugs with all the "boy" noises going on around here.  Honestly though when it's quiet in the house, which is rare, I go a little crazy and have to turn on the TV, music or call a loved one.  So, perhaps I'll forgo the boy-noise-blockers and savor the sweet screeching siren sounds seeping from our home's inner walls. On second thought, perhaps I'll buy some earplugs for our neighbors!

Take a good look at B's goldilocks because yours truly cut them all off last night.  It's a short 'do and it looks great... pics to come.

Happy Parenting!

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Kristen said...

Boxes are THE BEST GIFT when you're a child! I wish I still had the imagination I did when I was his age. Life was so much more simple.