Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mama's back for round two...

Wow, after both a short existence in the blog sphere and an even longer hiatus from it-- I'm back. Lots has changed in the last 10 months. We've all done some growing up in our household, particularly Bryce. And I've done some growing "out." (see evidence in photo below)

Now in my final few weeks of pregnancy I'm looking forward to this new chapter. Life seems to be like one long and addicting book. One that you just can't quite put down because you HAVE to know what's next on the pages ahead. Although, I'm sure there are days and periods of time when each of us just want to put a bookmark in place, and PAUSE.

The last few months have posed both periods of addictive-just-one-more-page-excitement and also weeks wanting to superglue a bookmark into the book of life and disengage from reality, perhaps into an actual novel. But for now, I am happily awaiting the birth of my second and last child. What bliss, adventure and love a new life brings into the world.

Check back often for family/life updates, breastfeeding beginnings with a new nursling, and the latest tantrums from a mama of a two-year-old!

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Marketing Mama said...

You look great - congrats on baby #2. Nice to see you back in blogland. :)